Birthday is always a special occasion for anyone, including your buddies. Besides flowers and presents, celebrating their day of birth with a meaningful card is also a good option for you. If you need some suggestions from us, you can consider these awesome gift card ideas for friends’ birthdays. 

Three-tiers Birthday Cake 3D Pop Up Card

Awesome Gift Card Ideas for Friends' Birthday 
Three-tiers Birthday Cake 3D Pop Up Card

Make your friends feel extra happy on their birthday by giving them this Three-tiers Birthday Cake 3D Pop Up Card. Outside the card features a lovely printed b-day cake on a pink cover. Once opened, it reveals a stunning 3d three-tier cake adorned with flowers and shimmering candles.
We all know that b-day cake is a symbol of every birthday. The party will only be completed with this special cake. Moreover, three little candles also represent the best wishes for the party’s owner.
You can use the Three-tiers Birthday Cake 3D Pop Up Card as an ideal gift for your friends who share all your ups and downs. Let them know just how amazing they are with this cute card.

White Cat Pop Up Card

Awesome Gift Card Ideas for Friends' Birthday 2
White Cat Pop Up Card

Continue with a design for cat lovers. The card is beautiful with a brown cover and blue background. Inside it is a simulation of a British Longhair cat playing with the green and red rolls of wool in a yellow basket. She has big black eyes, erect ears, pinky nose, and high tails like wants to say “come and cuddle with me”.
The cat is one of the most favorite animals in the world. They signify patience, freedom, independence, sensuality, mystery, curiosity, and rebirth. The white cat is also a symbol of happiness, virtue, and good fortune.
Don’t hesitate to send this lovely White Cat Pop Up Card to your friends on their birthday. This amazing template will surely melt their hearts once they open it.

Birthday Gift Basket 3D Pop Up Card

Awesome Gift Card Ideas for Friends' Birthday 3
Birthday Gift Basket 3D Pop Up Card

Another present with the b-day theme for your consideration is a Gift Basket Card. It looks elegant with a beige cover. When your fellows unfold the card, they can admire an impressive three-dimensional figure of a basket full of colorful gifts and flowers.
As you can see, everyone loves to receive flowers and presents on their day of birth. Of course, your friend may not be an exception. People often give gifts on this day to congratulate the one they care about as well as to send them the sincerest wishes.
Therefore, the Birthday Gift Basket card can be exactly what you need to make your friends’ birthday more special and meaningful.

Yellow Azalea Flower Pop Up Card

Awesome Gift Card Ideas for Friends' Birthday 4
Yellow Azalea Flower Pop Up Card

The last card on today’s list is created for your flower lover friends. It depicts a stunning model of a Yellow Azalea bush. This flower is beautiful with delicate petals. In general, the Azalea is a symbol of temperance, passion, elegance, femininity, Abundance, beauty, or intelligence.
Moreover, the Yellow Azalea Flower represents positive energy and happiness. It is not only a symbol of family and friendship but also a great reminder of what these relationships have brought to us.
The paper pop-up card with Yellow Azalea flower can be used for almost all occasions and purposes. Send this cheerful birthday card to your friends to brighten up their special day.

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