Spring is the perfect time for couples to get married and officially go home. Of course, choosing a beautiful and suitable 18k gold wedding jewelry set is that our couple cannot be missed.

Choosing a set of 18k gold wedding jewelry that is both trendy and self-image is extremely important for couples. Because it is an important part of helping the bride shine in her happy day.

Please refer to the wedding rings, gold rings, hand flowers below to prepare for the wedding earlier this year!

Beautiful jewelry sets for the Spring – Summer wedding season

The set of gold rings, wedding rings, and hand flowers have classic design patterns

For ladies who like simplicity but still exude a subtle elegance, the following 18k gold wedding jewelry sets will be very suitable. The stylized motifs are very sophisticated and meticulous.

The combination of 18k gold and platinum makes the design more fancy and luxurious.

The design with simple, no fussy motifs combined with stone to create a luxury feature for the jewelry set. The 18k gold wedding ring with a delicate, sparkling stone ring is a delicate highlight on the bride’s hand.

Similar polygonal star-shaped jewelry is also a perfect choice for girls who like simplicity but still exude a luxurious flair.

Girlfriends can choose a classic lace wedding dress with a similar jewelry pattern for a more striking image.


Be elegant with a floral floral-inspired wedding jewelry template

If you are a fan of flowers, the designs below will surely delight the girls who are about to get married.

These necklaces, hand flowers and wedding rings are inspired by typical spring flowers such as apricot, rose, and peony. When wearing them on, the brides will be truly splendid and brilliant at the wedding in early spring.

The design is inspired by the peony. The regal flower symbolizes love and romance. The beauty of the product is the blend of flowers and

delicate stone leaves.

Jewelry sets help brides who possess the luxury and originality of their big day.

Another design inspired by roses. Not attached with elaborate stones but finely machined, it brings a luxurious, attractive and seductive look.

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