Lightweight, eye-catching, perfectly padded and priced at a “penny-to-penny” price, the Nike Epic React flyknit shoe is the first choice to help protect feet and deliver exceptional sporting experiences. Let’s decode the “qualities” that make the irresistible appeal of the Nike Epic React flyknit name.

The latest shoe material surprises the “big man” Nike

After 5 years the Adidas Ultra Boosts dominated the market, Nike was “back and more profitable” with a super product that delighted fans and many pure sneakerheads, the Nike Epic React flyknit shoe.

The new shoe sole technology is independently researched and developed by Nike, in accordance with the “slow but steady” criterion, the React sole is not only lighter, quieter and more importantly, great support in every step of the run.

Announced to have a 30% reduction in weight compared to Adidas Boost soles, shoe wearers not only have the experience of gentle “walking on the clouds”, but also enjoy running and jumping with the superior resilience of React soles. again.


Neither too stiff nor too soft, the React sole feels bouncing when moved. The base unit fully supports the contact areas of the soles of the feet, such as a series of tiny springs that reduce the force acting on the legs, increasing the ability to protect the feet, ankles and knees while running.

Plus, the natural flexibility allows the React sole to embrace the foot in any movement, without straining or straining the foot when tiptoeing or flexing the shoe with great curvature.

Nike is also very confident about the durability of React soles. You can easily see that only the toe and heel on the sole is coated with protection, anti-wear, and the soles of the feet are left.


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