Change things about the theory of the Five Elements

From the past to the present, the Five Elements theory is considered one of the main foundations of rules in feng shui science. Simply understood, according to the Five Elements theory, all things arise from the five basic elements and always go through the five states: Earth, Kim, Water, Moc and Fire. Human beings too, each person born in a specific year will correspond to a corresponding action often called a network or destiny. The Five Elements theory interprets the biology of things through two basic principles: Mutual and Mutual This is also the basis for feng shui experts to find out how to transform human destiny. The use of feng shui jewelry with colors that match the homeowner’s destiny is very important. Based on the Law of Mutual Compatibility, matching colors are counted as Mutual and Compatible color groups, which are two groups of colors that will bring a lot of luck to the user.

Destiny Kim

People who want to be successful, promote, fortunate and healthy should wear yellow quartz pendants, so they should wear feng shui stone rings such as natural quartz with dark yellow, white, eye stones. Earth-brown tiger, tiger-eyed stone, white onyx, … because the color is dark yellow, earth brown and the compatibility is white, silver, and light yellow. Besides, silver jewelry also brings many feng-shui benefits to the Kim people.

Mo Moc

If in life, the Par Moc people encounter obstacles and difficulties, they should immediately own feng shui stones such as natural quartz black, blue, green, stone stone Black brother, green agate pension chain … to change his fortune and help facilitate his business. Besides, the types of feng shui jewelry made from jade are also extremely suitable for the Moc people due to the natural green color.


The Fate of the Shui has the corresponding colors of white, silver, light yellow, and the compatibility is black and blue. In order to change their destiny, the destiny of the person should wear a white, silver, and gold quartz stone pendant that is not only good for health but also brings a lot of luck to the wearer. To stimulate development of thinking and reduce pressure and stress, you should use feng shui jewelry in black and blue.


The Martian has a similar color of green, wood, so wearing a blue quartz stone and red, pink, and purple, the pink quartz stone pendant will help increase energy sources. Well, bring fortune to the Tiger. According to feng-shui science, in order for the love line to flourish, you can wear pink quartz stone retirement bracelets, to pray for peace and luck, you can wear green, red, and pink natural stone rings. Violet…

Par brothels

The Tho people have the corresponding color of red, purple pink and dark yellow, earth brown. From these colors, the Tho should wear red, pink, and purple quartz pendants to have a beautiful and eternal love. To attract fortune and luck, you should choose feng shui jewelry with dark yellow and brown earth.

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